miercuri, 28 iulie 2010


Cilvilization started with the great, noble ideaOf industrial agriculture and to feed more people..Yet today a larger percentage of people are hungrierThan before the start of civilization simply due to the fact that food has been used for power.Power over peoplePower over extinction,Power over nature!The abundance of food never reachesThe abundant hungry.And the more we increase food production, The more we have to deal with overpopulationAnd the waning out fo the earth's natural resources.So thanks Great Civilization for the great lie!You cheat us when you feed us with the lie,That yours is the true path.The stars will not come out to greet you today.Maybe you belived that she was made of goldBefore you killer her (your confession)Maybe we believed she was ready to go (earth).In the morning light.Maybe you believed that we're already done. -Serj Tankian-

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