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Cilvilization started with the great, noble ideaOf industrial agriculture and to feed more people..Yet today a larger percentage of people are hungrierThan before the start of civilization simply due to the fact that food has been used for power.Power over peoplePower over extinction,Power over nature!The abundance of food never reachesThe abundant hungry.And the more we increase food production, The more we have to deal with overpopulationAnd the waning out fo the earth's natural resources.So thanks Great Civilization for the great lie!You cheat us when you feed us with the lie,That yours is the true path.The stars will not come out to greet you today.Maybe you belived that she was made of goldBefore you killer her (your confession)Maybe we believed she was ready to go (earth).In the morning light.Maybe you believed that we're already done. -Serj Tankian-

luni, 14 iunie 2010

miercuri, 28 aprilie 2010

joi, 15 aprilie 2010


Borderes are the the gallows of our collective natoinal egos . Subjective lines in the sand ,animals, and atmossphere. Fear! Fear is the cause of separation of this imposed ilusion ,this cordoned off space pre-birth. When we run out of borderes ,we reach infinity and unity . As for flags ,theyre much less useful than toilet paper . No one has been caused distress by running out of flags . they bicome useful in times of crisis and unjust manipulative coercions pitting the victim against the victor or vice-versa . Neoliberal globalism is failing due to its underlying imperial ambitions and the discoveries of those sinister ulterior motives . So the ambitions have reawakened for democracy promotion ,in the past few years . In real terms ,that means promoting democracy if and only if it serves imperial ambitions . How about we create a real democracy right here and now ..... (Serj Tankian)

marți, 30 martie 2010


If 10% of the people of this world want peace today, I swear to you there would be peace today. Today, I mean right now. It's that simple (Serj Tankian)


We humans have our limits, but nature is a true genius in whose abstract we search our art . We often forget that nature doesn’t belong to people, but in fact men belong to nature. We must admit that we are part from nature.
Humans are efemerity compared to the efemerity of nature.......
humans is a part of Natures father is the Sun ,Earth is mother ,symbiosis ,symbiosis in motion , eternal elements in fall ..ephemeral transience constituting immortality ...ephemeral elements constituting eternal ...."controlled" chaos ...peace in universe equilibrium by degradation ..compose..reproduction.....falling stars ..the sky is full of stars......falling stars ..other stars are born ....death... life.. "Explode or implode,External is eternally internal, And internal creates the external in eternity.The universe is trying to create eternal energy,The flesh as a part in the assembly Of the investiture of order, balance,
Peace. "
(tankian art )

luni, 29 martie 2010


In lume sunt destui nebuni sa iti aprecieze nebunia ....doar trebie sa te faci cunoscut FANILOR!!

serj tankian

“Art doesn’t belong to us. It doesn’t belong to people, it belongs to the universe. It comes FROM the universe. It comes THROUGH us. When I write something, I think I know what I’m saying, but I never pretend to know the full meaning of the words.”


artistul fara piceoare....DIN VISUL MEU ...geniul peste mediocritati....universul ce-l inspira.PIERDUT IN TRANSCENDENTA ..elemente efemere ce compun imortalitatea ...principiul I al termodinamicii....nimic nu se pierde totul se transforma...reproducerea continua armonie din hazard ...simbioza in Natura... NEMURITORUL UNIVERS...Natura ....NATURA TRANSCEDE PRIN NOI ARTA.... ARTA SE TRANSCEDE IN NATURA ....TRANSCENDENTA IN VIZUAL MISCARE MIROS CULOARE ...TABLOU POEZIE CANTEC PEISAJ PLAOIE ... HAZARD HAOS CE COMPUN ARMONIA ... PACE


Where you goingTo the bottomDo you hear usWe are rotting .... transiency in all....rotten....why bombs....why war.....why to hate.....realize ....DEATH ..PEACE...PEACE...PEACE ...not even GOD gonna save us now !!!!!! ...PEACE