miercuri, 28 aprilie 2010

joi, 15 aprilie 2010


Borderes are the the gallows of our collective natoinal egos . Subjective lines in the sand ,animals, and atmossphere. Fear! Fear is the cause of separation of this imposed ilusion ,this cordoned off space pre-birth. When we run out of borderes ,we reach infinity and unity . As for flags ,theyre much less useful than toilet paper . No one has been caused distress by running out of flags . they bicome useful in times of crisis and unjust manipulative coercions pitting the victim against the victor or vice-versa . Neoliberal globalism is failing due to its underlying imperial ambitions and the discoveries of those sinister ulterior motives . So the ambitions have reawakened for democracy promotion ,in the past few years . In real terms ,that means promoting democracy if and only if it serves imperial ambitions . How about we create a real democracy right here and now ..... (Serj Tankian)